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Rates to Visit Me

HalfHour - 200

45 - 250

Hour - 300

Extended Visits

Overnight (8 Hours) - 2500

Full Day -3500

Weekend (2 Days) 4500

Additional Days add 1500 Ea.

A Deposit of 25% is Requested for Extended Visits

Or Visits Outside My Schedule.

Rates for Outcall

1 Hour Minimum @ 300/Hr



Please See My Calender on Schedule Page


I do not offer trips to the Greek Isles

fluid exchange (all bodily fluids), or unprotected service


In the event that you would like to book,

new clients are required to give a reference

(A contact # for a lady you've seen, who can verify

you will honour your appointment

and behave like a gentleman)

Booking Options-


(With reference)

Please include your first name, age & Caf handle,

(or Twitter & FB, if you dont use Caf)

Preferred day, time and length of visit

your preferred method of communication,

 your references name and contact information,

and a valid phone number for referencing you.


(Without reference)

An email from your Work account


Not gmail, outlook, yahoo, hotmail

You can send a blank email from your account

followed by an email from your personal email

or text with the relevant booking info


(Without Reference)

Current Drivers License or Passport held in a

snapshot for proof of identity with a piece of

paper with the current day and time

and a photo where your name/photo are decipherable.

(You can redact your lic# and address.

I've no interest in trying to steal your identity)

Don't forget to say when and for how long 

you'd like to see me

If you don't have a reference

you can simply see me at the spa


Text me 587-594-6909


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